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2006.10.11 Wednesday


We donated our proceed to receive an education equal to that of ordinary children to ASHINAGA.

Luckily I could go to high school and collage even though my father pasted away when I was 13 years old. However it is unseal in Japan’s society. Mother can’t get enough salary let their children go to school, so we want to help these children who want to keep to study and go to school.
Last year I worte this essay for studying English, I trust only education can change societies.

If I could change one thing about my country Japan, what would it be?-----Kahori OCHI
Japan is doing its best to maintain its economic growth on an upward scale. Unfortunately that’s a tough task. We used to think it was best for Japanese men to become company workers or “soldiers” and to devote their whole life to their jobs. While constant growth is a positive objective, achieving this goal in Japan comes with a heavy human price tag. Our blind devotion doesn’t make sense anymore. Working 15 hour days and weekends is not really helping the economy anymore.
I think it is time to consider what Japan could change.

In my opinion, ethical education in Japan should change. We Japanese have been educated to be amenable – to follow social norms without complaint. At the end of World War II, our country was completely destroyed. We had nothing at all. So at that time, happiness meant having same values of life as the Western countries. The thought was that if you had economic power, you would be happy. In fact, the government has indicated that Japan is an economic leader and we have obtained this goal. However, what about the citizens’ happiness?
For instance, we Japanese work too hard and don’t have quality private time. Many office workers leave their homes while their families sleep and come back after they have gone to bed. Working on weekends is the norm. Loyalty to the company is measured in how many hours you spend at the office. 9-to-5 jobs are unheard of. Stress levels are high and Japan has some of the highest rate for adults in the world. Is this really success or happiness?
Japan is now in the next phase- it is an economic leader. Therefore, people should have a new goal in mind. Achieving “quality of life”, in my opinion, is what people in Japan must aim for. Self-realization is essential for having a good quality of life, but first we should know what is important for ourselves. This process of finding out what is you need in your life to be happy is an individual and private process. Therefore, the Japanese government should try to make people aware of the value of finding a good balance between compiling to social norms and enjoying private time.
Along with the balance, I would like to say that the Japanese should be proud of their cultural identity. At the end of WW II, we considered the Western lifestyle as the best way to live. However I think Japan has a unique culture and we should preserve it, celebrate it. There is some truth to the argument that following social norms is a powerful and important aspect of being a citizen- If we cooperate with others, changes are powerful. Social harmony is a prerequisite for any nation’s success. On the other hand, Japan is already developed nation. It is time for the government to think about its citizens’ welfare.
In conclusion, in my personal opinion, Japanese society should educate its citizens to have individual thoughts and critical views. Along with that, it should encourage people to try and realize their dreams. This approach allows for a good balance between being amenable in society and having rights as an individual.
Most importantly, I believe that if we accept these thoughts, my country Japan will be recognized not only as a big economic power in the world, but also as a country with a high quality of life with happy citizens as well.

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